Our wealth management process

Consistency, continuity, and compassion

We coordinate the strategies, specialists, products, and resources to manage your wealth with your family in mind.


1. Discover

  • Understand your financial goals, obstacles and preferences

  • Gather documentation and information

  • Open dialogues with your consultants as necessary


2. Plan and propose

  • Careful deliberation and consultation with our specialists

  • Prepare your personalized wealth plan and the framework for long-term decisions

  • Tailored investment portfolio proposal to align with goals and plan


3. Implement

  • Initiate agreed-upon action steps

  • Phase in the investment recommendations

  • Establish a consistent communication framework


4. Monitor

  • Ongoing communication measuring progress according to the plan

  • Continuous assessment of the market, changing tax strategies, and your life events 

  • Adjust the plan and investments as needed

  • Keep you, your accountant, and lawyer informed and coordinate action steps

  • Integrate new strategies and products when prudent