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Family-first wealth planning

Family wealth planning comes naturally to us. The Morson Carson Wealth Counsel is a family-run business, we’re both business partners and life partners. In addition to a combined 50 years of experience in integrated wealth management, we bring our sense of trust, understanding and compassion towards one another to every client interaction.  

Together we’re more than the sum of our strengths. Rick Morson's intuition for investing alongside his genuine interest in educating clients complements Susan Carson’s sensitivity to clients’ values, attitudes and visions and her ability to translate those ideas into a comprehensive financial plan.

As portfolio managers and investment advisors, our core philosophy centers on incremental growth. We believe small habits and smart choices compound over time. So much of what we do for our select client base of high-net-worth women, entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, retired couples and families filters through that lens. We design living plans that grow alongside you and your family. We both advise and educate on the decisions you can make now to prepare you for retirement, protect your legacy, and preserve your wealth and values as they transfer to the next generation. We do so with support from Richardson Wealth’s deeply rooted sense of family values and in-house team of tax and estate planning and insurance experts. 

We see ourselves as stewards of the future. Not just for our client’s wealth and values but also our community of the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island in beautiful, British Columbia. We strive to connect with our community and have committed to continually give back through our actions. 

We’re recipients of Responsible Investment Advisor Certification (RIAC), Canada's Financial Industry designation that recognizes expertise in Responsible Investing. Responsible Investing is the integration of environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and corporate governance factors (ESG) into the selection and management of portfolios. This illustrates our commitment to learning, to change, and ultimately adapting our business and investment practices to the future needs of our clients and their families. 

We’re Morson Carson Wealth Counsel and we put family first.

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