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Diverse skillset. Integrated team.

The Morson Carson Wealth Counsel team brings together a broad skillset to advise, educate and empower you and your family to make decisions that will prepare you for retirement, protect your legacy, and preserve your wealth and values as they transfer to the next generation.

Discover what we offer

Planning services:

  • Produce statements of net worth
  • Establish a comprehensive plan
  • Assist with longevity calculation
  • Develop strategies for income splitting
  • Create a plan for university/college education
  • Develop emergency/reserve funds to give you peace of mind
  • Regularly review to maximize company benefits
  • Prepare asset lists and review separation agreements
  • Analyze timing of CPP and OAS
  • Develop a plan for your estate
  • Conduct family meetings and education
  • Collaborate with you and your outside team including your accountant and lawyer
  • Help you simplify and organize all aspects of your wealth.

Tax services:

  • Provide tax-efficient strategies and products
  • Seamless tax reporting
  • Online access to tax slips
  • Review of tax returns
  • Strategically “topping-up to tax bracket”
  • Advising on OAS clawback threshold
  • Active management of capital gains and losses
  • Proactive communication with your tax professionals

Investment services:

  • Set clear investment goals that support your plan
  • Assess your risk profile, time horizon
  • Develop a balance of secure and growth investments
  • Diversify your portfolio
  • Select and oversee best-in-class product managers
  • Monthly or annual RRIF payments transferred to your bank account
  • Analyze employer plans to maximize your benefits
  • Consult on charitable gifts in kind and transfers

Business services:

  • Manage liquidity
  • Strategic year-end planning
  • Establish gains for capital dividend account
  • Analyze insurance needs
  • Guidance on when and why to incorporate
  • Provide reports to your bank, accountant, and lawyer upon request
  • Planning for the succession or sale of your business
  • Plan to maximize your small business capital gains exemption
  • Provide customized reporting by fiscal year