Account management that meets your needs

By all accounts: the choice is yours
You can choose from a number of fee based accounts. 

Fee based accounts: Our team fee based investment accounts provide you with the certainty of a pre-determined management fee, a complete range of wealth management solutions and access to some of the world’s leading investment managers.

  • Portfolio Management Account (PMA): This discretionary account provides your Investment Advisor with the authority to make investment decisions on your behalf, based on well-defined guidelines established in your Investment Policy Statement
  • Asset Management Account (AMA): With one annual fee that you determine with your Investment Advisor, this flexible transactional account grants you the freedom to pursue your investment strategy without the concern of individual transaction costs
  • Separately Managed Account (SMA): A comprehensive investment program customized by you and your Investment Advisor, this account provides access to world-class, institutional investment managers across a range of mandates, regions, asset classes and investment styles