Our approach

We all invest with a purpose. It may be to grow your nest egg. Or to harvest a steady income from your portfolio to fund a lifestyle. Or simply to protect the value of your investments, not just from market turbulence, but inflation and other wealth eroding risks. Actually most investors have three of these purposes, to varying degrees. It is with this investor driven purpose that we developed the Richardson Wealth Connected Wealth portfolios. These combine our proprietary Market Cycle asset allocation research with a purpose overlay to help ensure investors are not only optimally invested given the current stage of the market cycle but optimal based on their individual investment goals and purposes. While this may seem like a break from the more familiar investment approaches, it is actually a framework built upon traditional foundations that better aligns with how investors think of and relate to their money. 

Investing is an exercise in probabilities. The only certainty is today’s bull market will be followed by a bear market which will be followed by another bull. Our top-down Market Cycle framework breaks the investment cycle into five distinct phases, which drives our asset allocation and portfolio management tilts. Getting the big picture right and positioning portfolios appropriately for the macro environment is essential for building long term wealth. The Market Cycle framework is based on the foundation of traditional asset allocation but incorporates tactical tilts to take advantage of different phases of the market cycle. While this is not an exact science as every cycle is different, there are often more similarities than differences and we believe this creates an opportunity to add value to the asset management process. 

Our top-down investment philosophy focuses on the market cycle and via independent research uncovering key enduring investment themes. This drives our asset allocation, portfolio sector over and underweights and stock selection. At the company level we are true fundamental investors combining valuations and company analysis with technicals for timely entry and exit points.