Investment strategies

Disciplined & strategic process
Managed Portfolios 



Richardson Wealth Managed Portfolios follow a disciplined and strategic process rooted in diversification, transparency, and cost efficiency. Our asset allocation framework, research, product selection, and reporting all serve to reinforce these principles, making this an investment solution that you can feel confident owning.

Key benefits:
  • Asset and Geographic Allocation
  • Combines Actively Managed Funds and Passive ETFs
  • Manager Selection and Oversight 
  • Consistent Communication and Transparent Processes

To learn more about the Managed Portfolios, please contact your Richardson Wealth Advisor or reach out to our asset management group via email

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Purpose Funds 


Purpose Tactical Asset Allocation Fund

Monthly Commentary

Class A: PFC 3900

Class F: PFC 3901


Purpose Brochure



Purpose Core Equity Income Fund

Monthly Commentary

Class A: PFC 2900

Class F: PFC 2901



Separately managed accounts
SMA Program 


Thoughts & Positioning (Purpose Inv. - SMA Portfolios)

CDN Dividend (download)

Core Income (download)

Diversified Income (download)

U.S. Dividend (download)

Tactical ETF (download)

Laddered Bond (download)


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