Market Ethos - Rarefied Air

Published by Dolores Jandoc on Oct 13, 2021

The S&P 500 is trading well above its long-term trend, leaving other indexes like the European Stoxx 50 and the S&P TSX well behind. We have been writing for some time that there is “value” outside of the USA, but to date the trend has remained intact... Read more
Market Ethos - Q3 Earnings Season – no cakewalk

Published by Dolores Jandoc on Oct 09, 2021

The lifeblood of the equity market is the earnings generated by the companies in the index. Sometimes the market pays more for these earnings (like these days), sometimes less. In this week’s report we take a look at the Q3 earnings season, the pressures... Read more
Market Ethos - Welcome to the backside of the inflation spike

Published by Dolores Jandoc on Oct 09, 2021

The common inflation narrative from the Federal Reserve, other central banks, and just about every economist has been: this is “transitory.” Rightly so, as these price spikes have been exacerbated by a combination of supply chain issues, abruptly changing... Read more