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Connected Wealth, Richardson Wealth’s asset management service, is all about strong relationships. Our advisors serve as expert guides, working in true partnership with clients to provide complete clarity about how and where their money is at work.

Transparent: It’s your money and you should know at all times what you own and how it is being managed. This means complete transparency, at all times, about how we manage your money down to the individual strategy and position.

Efficient: In wealth management, costs and taxes matter. Our blended approach minimizes costs by combining cost competitive active management and low cost passive strategies.

Connected: We believe working in partnership with clients and advisors helps deliver objective and quality advice on asset allocation, manager selection or portfolio management. Our Purposed Asset Allocation overlay enables investors to better connect their investment objectives and how their money is invested.

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A monthly publication designed to provide investors and advisors with a recommended roadmap on how to allocate investments in today's market to reach their long-term goals and manage risk.

Investor Strategy - Summer Sizzle Fizzle - September 2022

It seems as though the left side of the porridge (inflation) was too hot and the right side (the economy) too cool but mixing them together made things just right for a rally. Markets bounced hard off the June bottom, during summer trading that typically has less liquidity. Unfortunately, around mid-August the market appeared to be limping across the line. Seems the porridge isn’t cooling fast enough for the Fed, which reiterated an aggressive hiking path to tackle inflation. We’re now heading into a time of year that is historically challenging for markets.

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Investor Strategy - Second half off to a good start - August 2022

One would think with CPI rising, Fed going 75 bps, Bank of Canada raising by 100 bps and U.S. GDP posting a second consecutive quarter of negative growth that the recession chorus is growing louder and things sound dire. Yet markets have rallied this month, reinforcing the fact that the market’s starting point matters just as much as the news flow. After a terrible June, the S&P/TSX advanced 4.7%, S&P 500 9.2% and Nasdaq by 12.3% in July. Meanwhile, bond yields have dropped on recession fears. While many have complained of the positive correlation between equities and bonds this year, temporarily reducing the efficacy of portfolio construction, positive correlation is nice when everything goes up.

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Investor Strategy - Our halftime report: a recap and a playbook  - July 2022

If this investing year were a football game, the coach would be having a hard talk with the team at this halftime. Markets are beaten down, investors are generally having a very difficult time of it, and there has been no place to hide. In traditional allocation terms, what was supposed to protect us – sector diversification, different asset classes, global diversity – has mostly failed to protect so far this year.

Let’s dig in with a recap and try to figure out what the best plays for the back half of the year will be to try and steal victory from the jaws of defeat.

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Investor Strategy - Passive or Active? Why not both? - June 2022

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Investor Strategy - Portfolio Construction, continued: Fixed Income - May 2022

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Investor Strategy - Volatility in the house - April 2022 

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Portfolio Construction - March 2022

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Trend Reversals -  February 2022
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2021 Recap and 2022 Market Outlook - January 2022
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