Market Ethos - July 24th, 2017


The Consumer Part 2: Changing Behaviors 


The way we spend our time and money has been changing. Selfies are a new form of ‘art’ work, more communication is done with emojis and worser grammar than ever before and shopping continues to move out of the mall to your phone. The only certainty is that change will continue. Your favorite activities, brands and social networks are unlikely to be the same in ten years as they are today. Some of these changes have accelerated in recent years with the proliferation of broadband technology, connectivity and digitization. Companies that were early adapters to change have stolen share from slower or less successful adapters. However, we do not think the current winners such as Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Alibaba will be the only companies standing when the dust settles. New players will emerge and many laggards will battle back.