Market Cycle Asset Allocation


Connected Wealth Market Ethos posts are market thought pieces from the Richardson GMP Asset Management team. As part of our philosophy for managing money, we believe in providing quality objective advice and services with greater transparency. These posts are designed to provide a deeper look into our current thinking.


This report is a primer that introduces the framework behind our approach to asset allocation. Asset allocation is one of the most important decisions in reaching your investment goals from a return, income and risk perspective. But it is only one of the steps. Having been involved in researching, authoring and implementing asset allocation services for over 15 years, the Market Cycle Asset Allocation (MCAA) approach is the culmination of all we have learned and experienced along the way.

Why Use the Connected Wealth Market Cycle Asset Allocation:

  • Continuous Tactical Advice – Sometimes a static asset allocation does not fit all markets. The MCAA is a dynamic process that changes depending on the markets and the outlook from the Richardson GMP asset management team. This outlook is used to tilt baseline investor profiles to better position given where we are in the market cycle.
  • Transparent – This framework is completely open and transparent. If you own something, you should be able to see exactly what you own, it’s your money. The output of our asset allocation models and portfolio holdings are available upon request down to the individual holding.
  • Cost Conscious – Costs must be clear, transparent and commensurate with value. MCAA incorporates both active funds and passive ETFs as we believe certain markets are better for different strategies. We also believe ETFs offer an effective tool for reducing costs.
  • Client First – We have created and offer MCAA as a product agnostic platform for continuously sharing our views and advice. Any of the recommended products can be swapped for other products. We do manage money and have included two of our funds/mandates based on our expertise while incorporating transparency and fee conscious aspects. But we strongly believe in a multi manage approach of trying to find and select the best strategies.

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