Professional Athletes

Successful. Ambitious. High-Achievers.

“Tim works closely with my US based advisor, and I like the practical and prudent approach he takes with my financial affairs.” 

— Mike Weir, Canadian Professional Golfer, Masters Champion


The Pritchard Wealth Management Group brings more than two decades of experience to the table when advising professional athletes. We’ve established long-term relationships guiding professional athletes like you as you move from the beginning through to the top-performing years of your careers before settling into life post-sport. We are a formidable team and extension of you while you focus on mastering your sport while training and during competition, and also while spending valuable time with teammates, family and friends.

As a professional athlete, your lifestyle requires discipline. Your dedication and hard work have been rewarded with financial security and wealth to last a lifetime if managed properly. The mental and physical requirements of performing at such a high standard leave little time for day-to-day wealth and financial decisions, especially with the complexities of top-earning years coming at such an early age. We understand the unique and specific wealth challenges you face — let us help you and your advisors solve them and give you back your hard-earned time. People before portfolios is about putting you first so you can enjoy your life and master your sport.

The Pritchard Wealth Management Group offers proven solutions to help you: 

  • Reclaim your precious personal time by managing your complete wealth picture
  • Navigate cross-border finances and tax planning
  • Develop a post-career cash-flow plan to ensure your top earning years stretch out post-retirement from your chosen sport
  • Develop a well thought plan to maximize the important non-financial areas of your life that contribute to your overall well-being
  • Reduce your tax burden by deferring income to your retirement years
  • Enhance your wealth through comprehensive financial planning 
  • Protect your legacy by implementing appropriate estate planning strategies
  • Access exclusive investment offerings and events 
  • One-stop North American solution regardless of where you compete