Our Approach 

What does a wealth advisor do for you?

Many people have taken to heart the message that most of Wall Street and Bay Street have conveyed for decades: investment advice boils down to making a forecast. The problem with that approach is that success is defined by an investment advisor's ability to consistently forecast and attempt to rationalize and control the financial markets. But over two decades of experience in wealth management tells us that’s not it. It’s impossible to consistently choose tomorrow’s winners – there are too many variables. Contrary to conventional wisdom, your portfolio is there to power your personal wealth plans, but it’s not in control of those plans.

We approach it differently. To us, the primary determinant of your investment success is not portfolio performance, it’s your behaviour as an investor and the steps you take to optimize taxes. By simply avoiding chronic money-losing behaviours like market timing and performance chasing you have a better opportunity to create significant wealth over the long-term. 

“Over the years, he has made a point to get to know me, get to know my kids and their names — there’s a very personal relationship there that, in itself, helps me feel comfortable. I don’t feel like he has all this money way above me. He knows what I want, he knows where I’m heading and what I’m looking for.”

— Elaine Houghton, Retired president of Britman Industries

As wealth advisors, we’re focused on you. It’s not an investment-centred profession, it’s a client-centred experience – People before portfolios™. We focus on the things we can control. We identify your goals and align all parts of your financial plan – from tax and estate planning to the make-up of your investment portfolio. Because we know what matters to you is that the wealth and legacy you’ve worked hard to build will allow you to maintain your lifestyle and live the life you want to live. 

We collaborate within our team, with your outside counsel, and with Richardson Wealth’s in-house tax and estate, and insurance experts to make sure all the pieces of your financial future fit together. The goal is to create a plan that is centred on you and your goals.