The Pritchard Wealth Management Group

People before portfolios™

At The Pritchard Wealth Management Group, we work with high achieving people like you. You have a life rich with goals and aspirations, for you and your family, and have reached a level of success and wealth. Our dedicated team can help you bring it all together by providing ongoing guidance and advice for your personal and financial wellbeing.

For over 25 years, we’ve guided CPA Partners, successful business owners, professional athletes, and medical professionals like you through the unique financial complexities you face as a high achiever. We understand your time is valuable, there’s added burden when it comes to your taxes, and your financial affairs are complex. 

Our philosophy is simple: we focus on people before portfolios. We get to know you, and what is important to you. We’re here to prioritize your financial action items so you can focus your scarce time on what matters most to you.

We spend our time being client-centered not investment-centered. We focus on helping clients bring clarity to their personal goals where planning, money and time are required. This approach helps us to address their main concern “Will my family be okay down the road?”. Wise financial decisions are made when professionals collaborate as a team on your behalf, draw upon experts from the various disciplines, and ensure all the pieces fit together. Wealth Advisors coordinate these pieces while protecting you from natural impulses and unnecessary taxation.

We’re The Pritchard Wealth Management Group and our motto is People before portfolios™.

“Tim is like family, he cares about you as a person and you really feel that.”

— Ann Turner, Successful business owner in Toronto’s downtown core

Successful. Ambitious. High-Achievers.