About Us

Authentic. Balanced. Trusted.

It’s easy to see wealth management as a business of charts, jargon, and returns. But from the perspective of The Pritchard Wealth Management Group, it’s about so much more than the numbers. We’re in the business of making the financial part of people’s lives less complex. We want you to enjoy living your best life while we put your hard-earned money to work to maintain your lifestyle. It’s about People before portfolios™. 

We’re proud of the long-term relationships we’ve built with clients like you. Over 20 years of experience in the industry have taught us that the high-achievers we work with — the professional athletes, business owners, medical professionals and CPA partners — don’t just want to watch wealth grow. You want a trusted advisor who sees you and your goals. Someone who understands you enough to act on your behalf and simplify your life and the complexities of your financial picture. Someone with the skills to both guide you and know when to bring in help, whether that is your outside counsel or Richardson Wealth’s team of in-house experts, to ensure every aspect of your wealth plan is addressed.     


“When we met Tim, he was very professional but at the same time very friendly and laid back” 

— Linda Raymond, Director of Training for a large international nonprofit charitable organization 

At The Pritchard Wealth Management Group, our focus is People before portfolios™.