About You

Successful. Ambitious. High-Achievers.

Whether you are a CPA partner, successful business owner, medical professional or professional athlete, your high-achieving nature makes you a leader in your career. We see you and your ambitions. We also see the time constraints, financial complexities and tax burdens that come with success. As your life unfolds, your needs evolve. Our proven process anticipates and prepares your family for future life transitions.

We focus on you — the things that make you happy and motivate you, the lifestyle you want to maintain. To us, it’s about people before portfolios. The things you want and need will define the solutions and goal-oriented plan we put in place to optimize your taxes, preserve your wealth and legacy for retirement and the next generation, and allow you to be present in your life. 

“The loyalty is there because we grew together.”

— Alodie Brew, PwC partner