What Our Clients Say

"I cannot recall how long we have been clients of yours, but the relationship has certainly stood the test of time.  We have followed your business travels thru multiple professional moves and the reason was simple, you have consistently been a trustworthy & reliable advisor.  With the addition of Michelle (somewhere along this timeline), she has proven to also have these same qualities & traits.

In general it is tough to trust & rely on people in the world we live in today, but even more so when monies are being exchanged between one another.  However, we have been blessed through the peaks & the valleys over time to have a team that has always put the customer first.  The simple act of reaching out and being flexible to meet with us face-to-face over the years to walk-thru our portfolios in a thorough fashion has been a major reason for us staying loyal.  Jennifer & I started from the ground floor and the journey to date has been met with proper & timely guidance in the good as well as not so good times.  So the plan to retirement below resonates well to the goals we set out to attain in the early days.  A simple thank you for all you both do to make a difference in our financial lives today so that our later years in life will not be filled with financial burden. Kind regards,"

Kensington, Director, Sales & Marketing
Mississauga, Ontario



"It is our sincere pleasure to have partnered with Greg Phillips as our family financial adviser during this International economic roller coaster of the past few years. With Greg's professional guidance we profitably weathered the storm, while establishing a relationship of total trust, honesty and open communications. Greg was there for us every step of the way, took a deep personal interest in our goals, and worked collaboratively with us to accomplish those goals."

Forever grateful in Florida.



"Greg has been my financial advisor for approximately 15 years, thanks to Greg’s advice we have made some smart investments. Consequently, we will be able to enjoy our retirement without any monetary concerns. I highly recommend him; he has provided us with quick courteous personal service.”

Rudy Kaye
Bowes & Cocks Limited, Realtor
Apsley, Ontario



"When I was given an early retirement package, I found myself with a sizable amount of money to invest. Thanks to a referral from my bank manager, I was introduced to Greg. Over the years I have come to develop a high degree of confidence in Greg. His understanding of the investment process, his focus on my best interests, and his ability to explain things in a meaningful way have all contributed to the credible relationship that we share. Greg’s expertise and professionalism are exemplary. Above all, and perhaps most importantly, I know that I can rely on Greg and trust his advice."

Project Management Consultant
Toronto, Ontario



"I wish to share some of my thoughts regarding Greg Phillips who has been the Financial Advisor to me and my family for a period in excess of 15 years. I have always found Greg to be knowledgeable, honest and forthright in his business dealings. In relation to the management of our investments, I have found that changes that Greg has recommended being made in our portfolio over time have in the long term proven to have been correct, necessary and ultimately profitable changes. Conversely, through the recent months of market volatility, Greg’s advise to "stay the course”, has proven to be the correct and profitable strategy. And thus I have great confidence in his financial instincts. And so I can highly recommend Greg as a Financial Advisor."

Donald J. Lawless
National Sales Manager
CTI Industries



"Over the last 10 years, we have certainly seen our economy and portfolio go through some interesting and trying times. Greg has always reminded us of our risk tolerance, strategies and goals while investing. His experience and recommendations have allowed us to enjoy a healthy portfolio that survives tough times and produces steady gains for our future."

Patrick & Kelly Proulx
A&W Franchise Owners
Peterborough, Ontario



"Whether we have been in a "Bull" or "Bear" market, Greg has consistently guided us and encouraged us to not react emotionally. Rather, he has always stressed long term horizons and preached patience. The results have enabled consistent growth."

Ron Myers
Service Source
Virginia, USA



"After dabbling with some other financial advisors in the early years, my wife & I were turned onto a young, intelligent and personable financial advisor named Greg Phillips. Since then we have trusted our long-term financial stability with Greg's HSBC fund management for our family. We have willingly followed Greg as he made changes in his career path so that we could stay with what we were comfortable, a trusted & proven advisor. He made these transitions seamless and effortless on our side so to allow our business to flow with little to no interruptions. As a consummate professional in his field, Greg also gave us the early reality/gut checks we needed with the highs & lows of any market. The prime example of the lows came with the 2008/09 market conditions bottoming out. We watched as our investments took it on the chin and as we asked Greg his thoughts he went back to the day we sat in his office years earlier where he advised us to "stay the course" through the good and the tough times. We rode it out and the losses quickly rebounded for us as we continued to invest rather than pull out altogether to cut ones losses. Maybe some of this was pure luck, but I know that we have been lucky and blessed to have such an outstanding individual in Greg looking out for our best financial interests. He provides us with timely opportunities, market trends/updates, fund advice that sound and performance driven. After all these years, the MacLeod's will hold fast with Greg Phillips with high recommendations for others to follow. Thanks for all you have done to date Greg as it is greatly appreciated and we look forward to a long future under your guidance.”

David & Jennifer MacLeod
Peterborough, Ontario



"I have been with Greg for close to 15 years, he is an excellent advisor. One of the most important traits of an advisor is the ability to listen. He listens to your needs and crafts a lifestyle plan (this includes retirement and estate plans) to suit your needs. He invokes trust and expert knowledge. I have recommended Greg in the past and will continue to do so in the future."

Fraser Sagritalo
Director at a major financial institution
Toronto, Ontario



"I’ve known Greg for the past 12 years, ever since he began his career with TD Waterhouse Private Investment Advice. My husband and I were comfortable with his conservative approach to our investment portfolio geared to our age. My husband was well satisfied with Greg’s suggestions regarding how to diversify our investments. My husband passed away 8 years ago, and when Greg moved to Macquarie Private Wealth Inc., I followed him as his client, trusting him to continue to look after my investments. Over the years, his prudence proved to be a wise decision, during the ups and downs of the financial markets."

Catheline Nemeth
Montreal, Quebec



"In my dealings with Greg over the last 12 years, I have found him to be exceptionally ethical, reliable and client centered. He has expert knowledge, experience and passion for what he does. I recommend Greg to anyone who needs a trustworthy and caring portfolio advisor.”

Jeff Bernstein CA
C.S.T. Consultants Inc.
Director, Finance
Toronto, Ontario



"I have had Greg serving my financial planning needs since 1997. Reflecting through the ups and downs, Greg's counsel and advice has provided me and my family with the best decisions, options and outcomes possible. We are so confident in his abilities; we seldom concern ourselves with the financial picture. We know that he and his team are watching out for us. His expertise and high degree of integrity has delivered great results. This type of trusting relationship is not easily found.”

Roger Cecchetto
Assistant Director, Workplace Safety & Insurance Board
Business Professor, George Brown College
CoveyLink Facilitator, Speed of Trust
Toronto, Ontario



"Clients of Greg's for over 15 years, we can confidently recommend him as a trusted and highly competent investment advisor. His client-centered approach delivers strategies that have proven prudent and effective for our changing circumstances. Greg's calm demeanor, informed updates, and steadying influence (especially during the past year's volatility) have been of immense help at a time when all might have appeared to have been lost. We have respected Greg's informed recommendations on our portfolio, and have followed his sage advice on key investment decisions. He is a very professional advisor, and we value the relationship that we have forged with Greg since 1997.”

Irene and John Carroll
Milton, Ontario



"The year 2000 will go down in history as the peak of the tech boom, and the year in which Greg began advising me and managing investments for me. While the tech boom did not continue, Greg's cautious management did, and he has helped me since then transition from one high pressure world into another: retirement. One's needs change at time of retirement, and — with two young children Greg is personally far from it — he nevertheless understands the different needs, constraints and anxieties, and offers advice that matches. His conservative style helps me maintain a portfolio of income-producing securities, with a risk/return ratio that I can tolerate.


Through the most recent dip, he generally advised "staying the course" but did spontaneously identify a couple of "sell" opportunities. Yes, Greg is an advisor who will say "sell" when it makes sense. He based the advice on a quantitative evaluation of the securities, and an identification of where the proceeds would best be reinvested. So far, so good. Greg is easy-going and easy to talk to — if your personal circumstances are anything similar to mine, I can certainly recommend you call him.”

Vancouver, B.C.



"Greg has been my financial advisor for the past 5 years. He has a solid understanding of the principles involved around a turbulent investment climate. Like many, I panicked in the fall, but I was reassured and he provided me with the fundamentals of sound investing. We stayed the course, and I’ve never been more satisfied with the performance of my portfolio. Greg is truly an exceptional advisor. He genuinely cares and he is always readily available. I consider myself very fortunate to have him in my corner.”

Dr. M. Bischoff
Milton, Ontario