"When I was given an early retirement package, I found myself with a sizable amount of money to invest. Thanks to a referral from my bank manager, I was introduced to Greg. Over the years I have come to develop a high degree of confidence in Greg. His understanding of the investment process, his focus on my best interests, and his ability to explain things in a meaningful way have all contributed to the credible relationship that we share. Greg’s expertise and professionalism are exemplary. Above all, and perhaps most importantly, I know that I can rely on Greg and trust his advice."

A.R. Thomas
Project Management Consultant
Toronto, Ontario



“Thanks to Tracey and Patrick’s extensive experience and dynamic management, I have watched my investment portfolio grow and diversify to take advantage of new investment opportunities and to adapt to my changing needs. It is reassuring to know that, no matter how busy I get or how crazy the markets become, someone I trust is looking out for my financial future and keeping me on track.”

Associate Professor, University of Guelph 
Guelph, Ontario



"In my dealings with Greg over the last 12 years, I have found him to be exceptionally ethical, reliable and client centered. He has expert knowledge, experience and passion for what he does. I recommend Greg to anyone who needs a trustworthy and caring portfolio advisor.”

Jeff Bernstein, CA
Toronto, Ontario



“Over the years we have established a solid and trustworthy relationship with Patrick and Tracey. Their wealth management process and trustful guidance through both good and bad markets ensured that we stayed on track to achieve our financial goals. I am glad that we have entrusted our finances to them.” 

Process Manager, Hammond Power Solutions
Elora, Ontario 



“I cannot recall how long we have been clients of yours, but the relationship has certainly stood the test of time.  We have followed your business travels thru multiple professional moves and the reason was simple, you have consistently been a trustworthy & reliable advisor. 

“In general it is tough to trust & rely on people in the world we live in today, but even more so when monies are being exchanged between one another.  However, we have been blessed through the peaks & the valleys over time to have a team that has always put the customer first.  The simple act of reaching out and being flexible to meet with us face-to-face over the years to walk-thru our portfolios in a thorough fashion has been a major reason for us staying loyal.  Jennifer & I started from the ground floor and the journey to date has been met with proper & timely guidance in the good as well as not so good times.  So the plan to retirement below resonates well to the goals we set out to attain in the early days.  A simple thank you to you Greg for all you both do to make a difference in our financial lives today so that our later years in life will not be filled with financial burden.” 

Warkworth, Ontario



“Tracey and Patrick have proven to be extremely trustworthy, honest and reliable in providing the sound financial advice we were not able to find elsewhere. First and foremost, they have always understood the amount of risk we wanted and the timelines required for our investments. They really do have the personal touch and their responsibility, integrity and service help them to stand above the crowd.”

Inspector, Guelph Police Services
Guelph, Ontario