Our Commitment to You

We understand the level of trust you are placing upon us when introducing a friend, family member or colleague to our team. We recognize that when you refer to us, we owe a duty of care to you and the individual or family being introduced.

As such, we commit to the following when you place that trust in us:

  • Strict confidentiality in all matters
  • Timely response from our team to schedule a time to talk to your referral about their situation
  • Meeting with your referral to determine suitability of working together
  • The same level of service you receive from our team

Our team grows through referrals. We work with a select group of individuals and families to help them reach their financial goals now, and in the future.

We do our best work with the following types of clients:

  • Those with, or on the road to, assets in excess of $1 million
  • Business owners, corporate executives, professionals
  • Families with more complex financial situations

We recognize you may not know the financial situation of your referral and we welcome any introduction in a situation where you think we might be able to help. Even where we do not end up working together we endeavor to make the meeting helpful.

For a private referral please contact William directly at or 416.969.3190.