What are Circuit Breakers?

Our proven strategy

Our team, Richmond|Goodman Wealth Management at Richardson Wealth, manages a distinctly unique investment business, critical to the financial well-being of our clients.

We exclusively employ financial circuit breakers in our investment approach. This strategy has proven to be the best safeguard we can deliver to protect our client’s hard-earned capital while capturing investment opportunities.

You might give little thought to the electrical panel that is located in your home, however, inside your electrical panel are circuit breakers that help prevent your home from burning down.  These circuit breakers ensure the safety of your family. It’s hard to rest easy if you have ‘knob and tube’ wiring or an outdated fuse box in your home. As any electrician will tell you, the best time to fix a wiring problem is the moment it is discovered.  

Your financial safety is just as important as the safety of your home.  Do you have financial "circuit breakers” in place – or are you just waiting to smell the smoke first?