You deserve high standards

Portfolio Managers work to higher standards of care than the majority of advisors and salespeople

Less than 15% of all advisors are Portfolio Managers.  We are tasked with the responsibility to do 'what is best for the client at all times'. This is not the case for all client advisor relationships. This is a higher standard, and one that you deserve. 

Prove it

It's a fact that 75% of investment managers underperform their benchmarks over time. However, when asked, 75% of managers 'think' that they are above average1. We submit our performance data each quarter to Mercer Investment Consulting (a $4 Trillion Pension consultant) for independent third party validation. So we not only think we beat our benchmarks, we know.

This is a higher standard, one that you deserve. 

Nobody will look after your wealth better than you would - if you had the time or inclination. If you don't, then a Portfolio Manager with a proven track record is the next best thing. This is a higher standard, and one that you deserve. 

1. (James Montier, Behaving Badly, February 2, 2006)