My NextGen Plan


Planning starts with the right tools

Utilizing a state-of-the-art tool, My NextGen Plan, to plot your future

Lifestyle expenses, savings plans, retirement income, insurance – these are all core elements of financial planning. But how do they work together and, more importantly, how do they relate to your specific goals at different stages in your life?

These disparate components change over time and can be difficult for you to consider as part of an overall plan, much less commit to if you can’t first see them. That’s why we use a highly effective planning tool called My NextGen Plan. It organizes all the key details of your financial situation, helping us to create a customized wealth plan for your family. And most importantly, it allows you to visualize and fully understand your options and every aspect of your plan.

A dynamic digital experience

My NextGen Plan offers a unique, collaborative digital experience that lets you see your financial plan as it looks today – and imagine how it will look in the future.

With engaging, interactive technology like easy-to-understand charts and graphs, and the option to hover over sections for more details, My NextGen Plan documents your financial details and allows you to interact with your plan. Together, you and your Advisor can adjust elements within your control, like retirement age or investment savings, and see the impact on your plan in real time. If there’s a shortfall, we can address the changes you’ll need to make to ensure your plan is on track.

My NextGen Plan: Key features

  • Easy-to-understand financial snapshots
  • Retirement readiness reports
  • Cash flow analysis or more in-depth financial plans
  • Legacy planning for the next generation

In line with our goals-based planning

My NextGen Plan charts your progress and the achievement of your goals, allowing us to better support you and work together – discussing and visualizing plans, projections and “what-if” planning scenarios.

Visualizing your future is less about wishing and hoping something positive will happen. My NextGen Plan, which is future-oriented but grounded in reality, will show you clearly what’s possible.

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