TouchStone Reads - January 5th, 2024


We often set aside articles that are longer, deserve a re-read, are broader in scope…or just for fun — for weekend reading. Below are some from this week — pour yourself a hot cup of coffee & enjoy...

  • The Last Exercise Column You Ever Need to Read: This past year at Slate, we explored exercise. Here’s what we learned. (Slate)

  • Thirteen Discoveries Made About Human Evolution in 2023 (Smithsonian)

  • The Nine Breakthroughs of the Year: CRISPR, GLP1s, and other advancements that astonished me. (The Atlantic)

  • 52 things I learned in 2023: Here are some of the most interesting things I learned this year (Ken Thendricks)

  • The 84 Sentences That Explain 2023 (The Ringer)

  • House Republicans’ humiliating year, explained (Vox)

  • The world’s richest countries (2023) (Reddit)

  • HBR - How Will You Measure Your Life? This is a classic article by the late Clayton Christensen. (Harvard Business Review)

  • The 2023 Mille Miglia, The Most Beautiful Race In The World (Hodinkee)

  • Ten Economic Questions for 2024: The purpose of these questions is to provide a framework of how the U.S. economy will likely perform in 2024, and if there are surprises – like in 2020 with the pandemic – to adjust my thinking. (Calculated Risk)

  • It’s okay to be optimistic about the economy next year (Vox)

What are you reading or listening to?