TouchStone Reads - December 22nd, 2023


Greetings Loyal Readers - We send our best wishes to you for a safe and happy festive break.

We will be offline next Friday and look forward to reconnecting with our New Year's Reads.

We wish everyone insight, rest and good cheer.

  • Top 25 News Photos of 2023 A look back at some of the major news events and moments of 2023 (The Atlantic)

  • The Robber Barons of Prison Tech (Slate)

  • The NYT is now a gaming company that offers news: Inside The New York Times’ Big Bet on Games (Vanity Fair)

  • Why Americans' 'YOLO' spending spree baffles economists (BBC)

  • How Phil Knight, Charles Koch And Other Aging Billionaires Are Making Sure Their Money Doesn’t Go To Uncle Sam (Forbes)

  • RIP Goldman Sachs. When I started out at Goldman, it was the most feared firm on Wall Street. Those days are gone for good (Business Insider)

  • Red vs Blue: The Life-and-Death Cost of Political Power: New research shows widening gaps between red and blue states in life expectancy (American Prospect)

  • User Data Has Become a Favorite Police Shortcut: Investigators increasingly use warrants to obtain location and search data from Google, even for nonviolent cases - and even for people who had nothing to do with the crime (Businessweek)

  • The Spy Who Dumped the CIA, Went to Therapy, and Now Makes Incredible Television (Wired)

Good Podcast Series: The Witch Trials of JK Rowling.


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