TouchStone Reads - November 11th, 2022


We often set aside articles that are longer, deserve a re-read, are broader in scope…or just for fun — for weekend reading. Below are some from this week — pour yourself a hot cup of coffee & enjoy...

  • A Must Listen Podcast - Rachel Maddow's 'Ultra'. America has been here before (MSMBC)

  • Tuesday was a good day for Democracy (Letters from an American)

  • They made a material that doesn’t exist on Earth. That’s only the start of the story (NPR)

  • Inside the Underground Market for Fake Amazon Reviews (Wired)

  • Spam: America in a can (Quartz)

  • The Car Safety Feature That Kills the Other Guy: When we count on vehicle size to protect us in a crash, what do we expect to happen? (Slate)

  • How America turned against the First Amendment (The Verge)

  • What Are the 500 Best Albums? (Rolling Stone)

  • The Untold Story of ‘Russiagate’ and the Road to War in Ukraine (New York Times Magazine)

  • ‘We’re not ready’: NY, NJ still building for extreme weather 10 years after Hurricane Sandy (Politico)

  • NASA Finds More Than 50 Super-Emitters of Methane (Smithsonian Magazine)

  • Recommended: Good Audio Book 'Read'. Born a Crime - Trevor Noah

What are you reading or listening to?