TouchStone Reads - July 8th, 2022


We often set aside articles that are longer, deserve a re-read, are broader in scope…or just for fun — for weekend reading. Below are some from this week — pour yourself a hot cup of coffee & enjoy...

  • You’re Not Allowed to Have the Best Sunscreens in the World (The Atlantic)

  • Public lands are Americans’ birthright. It’s our duty to defend them against new landgrabs (The Guardian)

  • And Then the Sea Glowed a Magnificent Milky Green (Hakai Magazine)

  • Dehumanization Is a Feature of Gig Work, Not a Bug (Harvard Business Review)

  • The Open House Hunters Who Targeted LA’s Rich and Famous (Businessweek)

  • Norway Was a Pandemic Success. Then It Spent Two Years Studying Its Failures (Wall Street Journal)

  • Can Dual-Use Solar Panels Provide Power and Share Space With Crops? (New York Times)

  • The People v. Donald Trump (The Atlantic)

What are you reading or listening to?