TouchStone Reads - May 27th, 2022


We often set aside articles that are longer, deserve a re-read, are broader in scope…or just for fun — for weekend reading. Below are some from this week — pour yourself a hot cup of coffee & enjoy...

  • One-Sided Markets: The Dunning Kruger effect makes it oh-so-easy to confuse luck and skill. (The Big Picture)

  • How Digital Transparency Became a Force of Nature: No secret is safe in the digital age. (Scientific American)

  • Spies’ night eyes: Once-restricted tech is helping spot Russian troops, Chinese missile sites and raging wildfires (Grid)

  • Where the internet went wrong – and how we can reboot it (New Statesman)

  • America’s gun culture – in seven charts (BBC)

  • Use the 37% Rule to make Better Decisions (

  • Lidar reveals massive ancient settlements beneath the Amazon. (Nature)

  • Don’t Let the Pandemic Make You Hate Microbes (Slate)

  • ‘Pickleball Is the Wild, Wild West’: Inside the Fight Over the Fastest-Growing Sport in America (Sports Illustrated)

What are you reading or listening to?