TouchStone Reads - December 24th, 2021


We often set aside articles that are longer, deserve a re-read, are broader in scope…or just for fun — for weekend reading. Below are some from this week — pour yourself a hot cup of coffee & enjoy...

Wishing you and your family rest, reflection and good humor for the season, and New Year.

  • Best of 2021: Top 50 Photographs From Around the World (My Modern Met)

  • Inside Apple Park: first look at the design team shaping the future of tech (Wallpaper)

  • Late Stage Covid: It is a weird moment. (The Atlantic)

  • Time to Stop Giving Gifts to Adults. You heard me. (Slate)

  • Delivery Failed: How an EV startup and its charismatic CEO nearly cornered the market for electric delivery vans — until it all fell apart (The Verge)

  • James Dyson answers design questions from Twitter (Youtube)

  • Cat lovers becoming disillusioned with Biden (NY Mag)

  • How Shein beat Amazon at its own game — and reinvented fast fashion. (Rest of World)

  • What Big History misses (Aeon)

  • A Growing Army of Hackers Helps Keep Kim Jong Un in Power (Businessweek)

  • Carrie-Anne Moss on the ‘Matrix’ Movies and Playing an Action Hero in Her 50s (New York Times)

  • Who Knew ? Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes (BBC News)

What are you reading or listening to?