Over the years, our clients have shared what makes us unique as advisors. Here are a few of the things they’ve said:


“One of the things that have always impressed me about you is your level of knowledge about investment products and how to best utilize them for future tax planning in addition to their income potential. You are very responsive to any requests or concerns that I have and I really appreciate this quality. It makes me feel like I matter as a client and that my concerns are relevant.


Another quality that I value is your ability to have a dialogue. I find it interesting to hear your perspectives generated from your financial experience as well as from your international associations. And when I refer to dialogue, I am also including your ability to hear my perspective as well and to provide insightful feedback. You are patient and thorough in your explanations which gives me the confidence to discuss anything financially related. You are friendly and approachable and make every interaction enjoyable.  I also find you to be honest and realistic. This enables me to trust you and your recommendations.”


Dr. Susan Reicheld


“You have the ability to take complex information from various sources, and analyze and synthesize it into more understandable pieces resulting in optimal decision making.


You also have the ability to look at longer-term results and objectives, while mitigating risk measures due to unknown factors that may lay ahead – resulting in a robust plan for your clients.”




“You possess is the ability to process questions, quickly formulate answers and articulate a fulsome answer.  You are one of the few people I have run across that can do this as a natural course of conversation.


As an example, we have peppered you with a variety of questions covering not just financial aspects but the intricacies of an “Incorporated” business as it relates to us.  You seem to have no problem grasping the essence of the question and providing an answer that is on point.

Maybe you are just that knowledgeable it comes as second nature.  However, it is likely a function of good listening skills and a feel for what people are looking for in combination with your intellect.”


D. Robert Ryan


“You are very patient and adapt your approach to the individual based on their personal situation.  You follow through on open issues without the need for us to send you a reminder.


You always try to find creative ways to grow our portfolio, and never force any ideas or products on us until we are ready for it.


You are very professional in your approach, and go out your way to help us out with issues even if they are not directly related to the management of our portfolio.”


Karim Parbatani