How we help

At Marc Istanboulie Wealth Management, we recognize the unique wealth planning challenges of medical professionals and entrepreneurs.

It’s both a personally and financially rewarding career but also one that comes with many years of education and advanced training that can lead to financial repercussions like high amounts of debt and delayed preparation for retirement. From our perspective, the way forward is through comprehensive long-term financial planning.

For the past 20 years, we’ve worked with physicians and dentists to develop wealth plans that fit their unique needs. We seek to educate our clients and give them the tools to protect and grow their wealth and legacy from every angle be it how to invest their earnings and prepare for retirement or strategic tax planning decisions they can make right now.

We find our clients’ careers often move through different phases. As their practice matures and they accumulate assets and new responsibilities, different tools with unique considerations come into play. Whether it’s how to maximize the utility of your professional corporation, create an individual pension plan or revise an insurance strategy to better protect a growing practice, we work alongside our clients to develop a holistic picture of those responsibilities and the tools available to them at each point.

We also recognize our client’s considerations are more widespread than just their practice. They have multi-generational families and ambitions beyond their career they want to nurture and prepare for. We combine two decades of experience working with medical professionals with state-of-the-art planning software to create a unique, ever-evolving plan and we do so with Richardson Wealth’s team of in-house tax, estate and insurance planning expertise.

Like the physician’s Hippocratic oath, we are committed to our clients and our community. We act independently and to the highest standard of fiduciary excellence. We’re never pressured to recommend certain products and every decision we make for clients is unique to their specific circumstances. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built.