Our services

At Marc Istanboulie Wealth Management, our expertise is seeing the full picture of our client’s financial well-being. We offer a full range of services to protect our clients, their practice and their family as they move through the different phases of their careers.

Wealth planning

While the medical profession is a regulated industry, every client we work with has unique needs. Through in-depth discovery, we develop a wealth plan that takes into account our client’s goals, values and individual situation. We continually monitor and adjust the plan as our clients move through their careers. 


Since laws were amended to allow medical professionals to incorporate their practice, we’ve worked with our clients to find the best strategy for them. Each province and professional organization has its own set of rules and regulations but in cases where incorporation makes sense, it can help optimize tax planning and give greater control of estate planning, practice succession while increasing creditor protection.

Tax planning

One of the biggest questions our clients have is what are the decisions they can make now to set them up for success as their practice matures and they accumulate assets? As a part of the Richardson Wealth team, we have access to some of the best in-house tax planning expertise in Canada. Together, we work with our clients, their outside counsel and our in-house team to create a roadmap for financial decision-making that optimizes their tax strategy.


Insurance is an important part of running a medical practice. It can also be an important tool for protecting and preserving the legacy our clients have spent their career building. Risk assessment and risk management are vital parts of our offerings. We ensure the right insurance products and tools are put into place so our clients can focus on their practice and their family while having the peace of mind they’re protected.