Our Process

Maximize your wealth. Live life on your terms.

1. Fit

  • Get to know your story and identify your goals

  • Discuss your legacy

  • Explore your experiences with money that shape your attitude and values

  • Share our philosophy and process

2. Discovery

  • Gather data, documents and statements for analysis

  • Determine risk profile

  • Commence financial plan

  • Analyze current investments

3. Onboarding

  • Complete documentation to open accounts

  • Review communication preferences

  • Review team member roles and who to contact

4. Implementation

  • Transfer assets to Richardson Wealth

  • Align investment solutions to financial goals

  • Assess investment options and potential tax implications

  • Consider U.S. person status and implications for investment holdings

  • Deploy investment selections

5. Orientation

  • Guide you through online portal registration

  • Hold tutorial meeting regarding navigating the portal, understanding statements and performance reports

6. Integration

  • Coordinate with other trusted advisors: accountant, lawyer to ensure consistency of advice and actions

  • Leverage our professional network to meet your comprehensive wealth and financial needs

7. Wealth Management

  • Monitor progress toward your goals

  • Adjust financial plan as life evolves

  • Identify potential risks to meeting your financial goals and examine means to mitigate

  • Offer business and family succession planning as needed

  • Provide counsel on estate planning and family dynamics