Cost of advice

Working with a Wealth Manager

One of the best ways you can invest in your future is by investing in a relationship with an advisor. Benefit from robust advice over a lifelong relationship, drawn from experiences of a variety of clients, circumstances and goals.

Financial planning

  • Thoughtful questioning to understand your needs and objectives

  • Help organizing your overall financial situation

  • Professional guidance and one-on-one investment advice 

  • Personalized financial planning, formalized in a written document to use as your “roadmap” for the future

  • Ongoing monitoring of your family and business situation to assess implications on your financial and investment strategy

  • Access to the Richardson Wealth Management Services team of accredited estate, tax and financial planning specialists for enhanced wealth management needs

  • Strategic business ownership and succession planning

  • Estate and intergenerational wealth planning 

  • Coordinated review of your company retirement benefits to ensure congruency with your overall financial strategy 

  • Comparison of pension alternatives

  • Sounding board for financial decisions

Portfolio management

  • Customized strategies based on your unique financial situation, goals and risk tolerance 

  • Portfolio analysis to assess overlap and concentration of holdings within mutual funds

  • Ongoing review and revision of portfolio as market conditions change 

  • Assessment of the risk level of your existing portfolio

  • Evaluation of the risk associated with expected returns of potential investments

  • Asset allocation for achievement of best rate of return at a given level of risk tolerance

Income and tax planning

  • Tax return review to identify potential tax saving and income splitting opportunities 

  • Conversion of investment portfolio to tax-efficient cash flow stream in retirement

  • Annual income tax projections for tax rate management through investment selection 

  • Coordination with tax and legal advisors to ensure consistent approach to your financial and tax strategy


  • Monitoring of the markets

  • Internal and third party research of domestic and global investments and markets 

  • Due diligence on the selection of money managers and investment products


  • Simplified tax reporting

  • Research and recording of your cost basis on securities including adjustments for return of capital and exchange rates

  • List of tax reporting slips to expect

The cost of advice is based on a percentage of household portfolio assets*

Asset level Fee
Up to $500,000 2.00%
$500,000 – $750,000 1.75%
$750,000 – $1 million 1.50%
$1 million – $3 million 1.25%
$3 million+ 1.00%

Richardson Wealth offers bloodline household pricing: family members do not need to be living at the same address in order for their assets to benefit from the tiered pricing