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For families, wealth and values are interconnected and it's critical to preserve both as wealth transfers from one generation to the next. Drawing from our tax expertise, we help you successfully navigate these generational moments, minimizing estate taxes and establishing a plan for your legacy. We help you preserve capital during a portfolio’s decumulation phase (e.g. retirement). The ultimate goal is to help you spend more time doing what you love with the people you love.

  • We facilitate intergenerational wealth transfer, analyzing your options beforehand and modelling the impact each choice will have on you, your family’s lifestyle, and your tax burden.

  • We help you define your legacy, working with you to develop a plan to achieve it, whether the goal is to pass it on to family or a charity or keep it for you to enjoy in your lifetime.

  • We project the required capital assets to obtain the desired family lifestyle.

  • We reflect your legacy/wealth transfer goals in your financial/estate plan.

Alongside Richardson Wealth’s in-house team of tax and estate, insurance, and philanthropic giving experts, we help you build and protect family wealth for generations to come.

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Learn more about how we helped plan the transition from saving for retirement to accessing cash in retirement for Margot and Dan.

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