What we do

Understanding our client’s needs and goals, building a strategy to get them there

Comprehensive wealth management

We advise individuals, families, corporations, entrepreneurs, and foundations. Our clients stay informed on the status of their investments online through our secure account login system and can access it at any time. Keeping capital preservation and tax optimization top of mind, our activities divide into three main areas: Discretionary, Institutional and Individual Advice. 

Discretionary wealth management

As discretionary portfolio managers, our clients trust us to make investment decisions held to the highest standards of conduct and trust. These decisions are based on their unique goals and values clearly outlined in a comprehensive Investment Policy Statement. Once we’ve laid the foundation, we apply nearly 40 years of experience in investments to design, maintain and manage a portfolio in line with your goals.

Traditional, individual advice 

Some clients enjoy actively researching companies and speculating on which ones will yield the best return. We provide them with cutting-edge research and fee-based investment counsel, resulting in more enlightened decisions that fit within their wider financial plan.  


In addition to working with families, we’ve also developed an aptitude for the unique needs of institutional investors including pension funds, condominium corporations, foundations and charitable organizations. Advising these organizations requires a different skillset but it stays rooted in the fundamentals of our approach: thoughtful advice, well-researched strategies and transparent decision-making

Tax and Estate Planning

Working with multi-generational clients and affluent families the subject of effectively transitioning wealth to the next generation often comes up. It’s a nuanced conversation unique to each client. Part of seeing the big picture as wealth planners is putting together the right team including lawyers, accountants and estate planners both through Richardson Wealth’s in-house team and our client’s outside counsel to develop the right strategy for our clients. 

Insurance analysis 

Peace of mind means preparing for the unexpected. We can’t predict but we can plan. We give our clients the insurance products that fit within their plan so when death, disability or critical illness occurs, there is sufficient income and capital to cover the costs and cash flow needs for the surviving family members.