Retiring is a major life transition that often marks a profound change in your financial perspective. As you move out of the earning phase, generating tax-efficient income while protecting your capital become top priorities. Wealth transfer or estate planning also become considerations at this stage.

We can help you have the lifestyle you want by:

Evaluating early retirement options
  • Comparing the commuted value of your pension to the income stream provided by your pension
  • Assessing the chance of outliving your money if you take an early retirement
  • Coordinating your income flows in a tax-efficient manner to extend the life of your portfolio 
Maximizing retirement cash flow
  • Coordinate all of your retirement income sources to meet your cash flow needs
  • Identify opportunities to boost your income by exploring tax efficient withdrawal plans
  • Comparing pension plan alternatives to help you select the best option for your situation
  • Advising on the timing of pension receipts/when to draw government benefits

Protecting retirement savings

Advising on living arrangement transitions
  • Evaluate benefit/need to access home equity
  • Provide advice and expertise around long-term care and medically assisted living facilities
  • Cash flow analysis for alternative living arrangements to ensure your money outlives your needs
Addressing issues for Snowbirds
  • Cross border tax issues
Estate planning
  • Help you define your legacy and work with you to develop a plan to achieve it, whether the goal is to pass it on to family, charity or to enjoy it in your lifetime

Learn more about how we helped plan the transition from saving for retirement to accessing cash in retirement for Margot and Dan.