Professionals and executives

Recognizing that busy people like you, with significant responsibilities, want to make sure the details of their financial lives are in good hands, The Hall O’Brien Wealth Counsel can help you safeguard your assets and minimize your taxes so that more money stays in your hands to achieve your vision of your life.

Financial, retirement and estate planning
  • We can help you build wealth and financial security for you and your family’s future. 
  • We will co-author a financial plan to help you maximize your means to enjoy the experiences on your bucket list
  • Cash flow planning to assess whether long term care and assisted living care would be affordable if there is a major change in your or your parents’ health and provide comfort you won’t outlive your money 
  • By working to a financial plan, we develop strategies that keep your savings goals on track and mitigate against the volatility experienced in the markets
  • We can free up some of your time so you can focus on your personal and career goals, by simplifying and coordinating your financial affairs
  • Assist with understanding the responsibilities of either selecting or acting as an executor
  • We will develop a comprehensive financial plan to provide strategies to help you minimize your taxes, plan for retirement and protect your family and your legacy

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