Our clients

We help professionals, business owners and their families build wealth so they live life on their own terms by wrapping tax and financial planning around investment advice.

Hall O’Brien - Planning for Wealth is a SMART approach to help clients maximize their wealth and live the life they want:

  • Sound – risk adjusted, backed by a financial plan

  • Meaningful – achieves your goals for your money

  • Accountable – as discretionary Portfolio Managers we have fiduciary duty to act in your best interest

  • Results-Oriented – measured against a personal targeted rate of return

  • Tax-Efficient – minimize your lifetime tax burden and ensure more of your money stays in your pocket


Clients like you work with us because of:

  • The tax planning expertise we bring to the table to protect your portfolio from excess taxes (income splitting, RRIF meltdown; tax exemption; tax deferrals, use of limited partnerships, tax loss harvesting, etc.)

  • The intimate knowledge we have of the purpose money serves for you 

  • Our cash-flow financial planning approach to helping you maximize your ability to spend your time doing the things you love with the people you care about

  • The comprehensive approach we take to integrate your corporate structure and your personal finances to maximize your opportunity to build wealth

  • The fact that we work closely with your lawyer and accountant to take a coordinated approach and streamline processes at tax time and we can help you evaluate plans put forward by other professional Advisors

  • Our ability to educate and explain, in plain language, some of the more complex aspects of financial planning and portfolio choices so you feel more confident in, and comfortable with, the decisions we take and plans we implement, together

  • Our fee based approach that aligns our compensation with the achievement of your goals

  • Our lifelong relationship with you so that we can anticipate your needs as your life evolves

  • Our ability to help you define your legacy and develop a plan to achieve it, whether the goal is to pass it on to family, charity or to enjoy it in your lifetime

Above all we understand that cash flow does not equal taxable income. We invite you to get in touch with us to find out how this applies to you.