Hall O’Brien – Planning for Wealth

We help professionals, business owners and their families build wealth so they live life on their own terms by wrapping tax and financial planning around investment advice.

Hall O’Brien - Planning for Wealth is a SMART approach to help clients maximize their wealth and live the life they want:

  • Sound – risk adjusted, backed by a financial plan

  • Meaningful – achieves your goals for your money

  • Accountable – as discretionary Portfolio Managers we have fiduciary duty to act in your best interest

  • Results-Oriented – measured against a personal targeted rate of return

  • Tax-Efficient – minimize your lifetime tax burden and ensure more of your money stays in your pocket

Maximize your wealth. Live the life you want.

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1. Fit 

  • Listen to your story

  • Identify your goals and purpose for your money

  • Discuss your legacy

  • Explore your experiences with money that shape your attitude and values

  • Share our philosophy and process

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2. Discovery

  • Gather data, documents and statements for analysis

  • Determine risk profile

  • Commence financial plan

  • Analyze current investments 


3. Onboarding

  • Complete documentation to open accounts

  • Review communication preferences

  • Review team member roles and who to contact

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4. Implementation

  • Transfer assets to Richardson Wealth

  • Align investment solutions to financial goals

  • Assess investment options and potential tax implications

  • Consider U.S. person status and implications for investment holdings

  • Deploy investment selections

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5. Orientation

  • Guide you through online portal registration

  • Hold tutorial meeting regarding navigating the portal, understanding statements and performance reports

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6. Integration

  • Coordinate with other trusted advisors: accountant, lawyer to ensure consistency of advice and actions

  • Leverage our professional network as necessary to meet your comprehensive wealth and financial needs

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7. Wealth Management

  • Monitor progress towards your goals

  • Adjust financial plan as life evolves

  • Identify potential risks to meeting your financial goals and examine means to mitigate

  • Offer business and family succession planning as needed

  • Provide counsel on estate planning and family dynamics