Business owners and self employed individuals

Owning a business involves more complex financial arrangements with important consequences for tax, savings and insurance. Proper planning to address your particular financial challenges and opportunities is critical to your success. Relying on our accounting and tax backgrounds, the expertise of Richardson Wealth's Tax Planning Specialists as well as external professional advisors, The Hall O’Brien Wealth Counsel can advise you on the varied needs that come with owning a business regardless of whether:

You are the owner of your business and need to:
  • Accumulate assets and mitigate risk (e.g. incorporation vs partnership, key person insurance, shareholder agreements etc., income protection)
  • Work with existing advisors to find the optimal capital structures across business, estate and portfolio
  • Consider asset protection strategies within the portfolio and overall wealth structure
  • Plan for the appropriate type of retirement structure
You are ready to transition your business and need to:
  • Design special retirement plans to preserve deferred assets unavailable to a typical corporate employee
  • Organize the family and determine whether to gift or sell to children
  • Manage taxable assets
  • Determine retirement planning, whether or not to move, and income replacement
You are preparing to sell your business and need help to:
  • Analyze options prior to sale
  • Project required capital assets to obtain the desired family lifestyle
  • Analyze which liabilities should be paid off and/or which should be financed
  • Examine cash from total return on assets, not only from investment income
  • Incorporate tax-efficient wealth transfer planning into the structure of the sale 
  • You have sold your business and need help with:
  • Preservation and utilization of assets
  • Management of taxable assets
  • Safeguarding assets for future ventures
  • Create a balance between growing assets and income needs
  • Reflect your legacy/wealth transfer goals in your financial/estate plan

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