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Family wealth planning connecting your life and legacy

The Susan O’Brien Group Wealth Advisory began 23 years ago with a radically simple idea about what a wealth advisor should be: it’s someone who takes the time to understand a client’s goals and dreams then integrate and aligns their wealth and all aspects of their life with that vision. For over two decades that’s what we’ve done – we’ve built deep and meaningful connections with our clients and guided them through life’s most vital decisions. 

We see successful wealth management as more than planning. To us, it’s an ongoing conversation. It has to be. Wealth isn’t static, it’s dynamic and tied to some of life’s milestone moments – it’s lifestyle and legacy, ambition and aspiration – all of which evolve and change as you move through life. 

Our process is rooted in what we call the Five “I”s - Independent advice, Integration, Implementation, Innovation and Integrity. With Five “I”s in mind, we’ve helped our clients prioritize and plan for retirement and navigate the complexities of intergenerational wealth transfer. We’ve helped them grow their legacy and create an impact through philanthropic giving while also protecting wealth for their children and grandchildren and making decisions that optimize their tax savings. 

As wealth advisors, our team is multi-disciplined and talented at offering advice and guidance on everything from investment management, financial independence & retirement planning to family matters including estate planning, higher education, and generational wealth & legacy planning. 

We help you feel connected to your wealth and financial well-being, so you can feel more connected to your life and legacy.

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Tax & Estate Planning


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