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Generational wealth

Institute for Preparing Heirs

Managing generational wealth can be trying. However, we at The Susan O’Brien Group Wealth Advisory have done research on some of the best tools to help make the process as simple as possible for you. Below are a list of checklists we feel are helpful in navigating the transfer of generational wealth. If there is something you would like to receive, please submit a request and one of our Associates will be in touch. 

Estate Planning

This process can often be confusing and has it’s own personal dynamic hurdles. Help make the process more straightforward with our Estate Planning checklist.

Family Financial Fitness

Life events can often be unexpected. Ensure your Family’s Financial Fitness is at its healthiest with our Family Financial Fitness checklist.

Family Meetings

Preparing family members for financial leadership has its own set of challenges. Take those family meetings to the next level with our Family Meetings checklist.

History & Legacy

The transfer of wealth is one thing, but transferring your wealth with meaning, now that’s wealth transfer. Ensure your family knows the history and legacy of your family’s wealth with our History & Legacy checklist.

Family Heirlooms

Heirlooms are probably the most sentimental wealth transfer. Plan your distribution with our Keepsakes, Art & Collectibles Family checklist.

Roles for Beneficiaries

Involving beneficiaries now in decisions regarding family money requires members to understand the roles. Use our Roles for Beneficiaries Family checklist for your conversation.

Legacy Travel Fund

One of the most rewarding gifts that families can bestow on the younger generation is the opportunity to experience and embrace cultural diversity through travel and recreational experiences. Start your Legacy travel fund today with our Legacy Travel Fund checklist.


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