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Incorporation is an essential tool for entrepreneurs and business owners. It offers a layer of protection, separating personal assets from those of the business, and can help you build your legacy more tax efficiently.

At Partington Wealth Management, we work with in-house experts and your outside counsel to simplify the process for your business, while protecting your personal financial well-being. The aim is to align your business goals and the benefits of incorporation with your wider financial plan.

Benefits to incorporation:

  • Incorporated businesses are separate entities meaning your finances are separate from your business.
  • Incorporated businesses pay lower tax rates and deductions are more tax efficient.
  • It can enable you to set up a pension for yourself and your employees, helping you save for retirement.
  • Incorporated businesses have access to unique insurance benefits and beneficiaries can take out insurance tax-free within the corporate account.
  • Saving within your corporation defers taxes allowing you to grow your portfolio tax-free.

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