Navigating Change




The breakdown of a marriage can be an emotionally turbulent time. It can also be financially complicated. Whatever the circumstances, if you find yourself navigating a divorce and haven’t been closely involved in the management of financial decisions, taking the lead on investment matters can be daunting.

At Partington Wealth Management, we work with in-house experts and your outside counsel to help you move through this time of transition. We have established relationships with divorce counsel and estate planning experts to ensure you and your legacy are protected.

Consolidated assets

Facilitate the transfer of investments and assets from your former spouse.


Cash flow and debt management

Monitor and create a cash flow strategy to ensure your income needs are met.


Adjust financial plan

Determine your net worth, set goals and priorities for retirement and supporting your children, re-align your portfolio with your risk tolerance and current life circumstance.


Protect your wealth

Review wills and power of attorney to make sure beneficiaries are updated appropriately, review insurance policies, develop a new estate plan.



Partington Wealth Management is here to remove your financial stress. 

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