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We offer a comprehensive range of wealth management services including financial planning, customized portfolio management, philanthropic planning, and tax & estate planning. We manage all our clients’ portfolios through our Risk Management and Portfolio Construction Committee. All our advisors are collectively responsible for portfolio construction, performing due diligence, selecting and monitoring investment positions, and setting strategic and tactical asset allocation.

We consider all aspects of your financial well-being, including tax-effective investing, insurance and business planning, multi-generational wealth planning, wills, and estate planning. We perform our own independent due diligence and research and take advantage of Richardson Wealth’s internal analysts and professionals, as well as our own extensive network of external partners and professionals.

Wealth Planning: We believe the key to a successful financial future is a well-designed Wealth Plan, a roadmap if you like. We take into consideration all aspects of your financial life, and also consider estate and philanthropic requirements if needed. A well designed Wealth Plan provides the framework for long-term planning decisions.

Personal Portfolio Management: Each portfolio is personally managed and uniquely designed to meet the specific objectives of our clients. We draw upon a wide range of research sources, Canadian, U.S., and international, to ensure that our client portfolios provide an appropriate balance between income and growth. 

Tax Minimization Strategies: We take full advantage of strategies to minimize tax and increase the tax efficiency of your investments. These include the use of tax planning vehicles, active management of capital gains, income splitting and tax sheltering products.

Tax & Estate Planning: A well-structured estate plan provides peace of mind knowing that there will be a tax efficient and effective transfer of your assets to your loved ones. We advise on will planning, choosing an executor, planning for elder care, minimizing estate conflicts, avoiding unnecessary estate and probate tax, and the potential use of Trusts.

Insurance: In the right circumstances, insurance can be a powerful investment and estate planning tool to help deal with tax consequences and estate obligations. Given the specialized nature and the range of estate planning opportunities, we work closely with Richardson Wealth’s team of in-house insurance specialists and would be pleased to arrange a one-on-one consultation to review your existing coverage.

Risk Management: Tyler, Tim, Rory, and Neil have spent decades advising wealthy families, pension funds and corporations on how to manage financial market risk. We identify and manage the risks to ensure we can safely meet your financial objectives.

Selling Your Business: Is your company valuable? Sellable? You have devoted years of hard work to building your company. Determine the best options for selling it wisely. As a team that is dedicated to business owners and entrepreneurs we would be happy to provide support and guidance from our wealth of knowledge.

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