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Experienced. Dedicated. Focused on your future.

For nearly 30 years, Paul Borisoff has guided high-net-worth individuals, families and entrepreneurs through life’s transitionary moments with thoughtful portfolio management and wealth planning. As a team, we’ve grown alongside our clients, adapting to changes in the capital markets, responding to their needs and interest in Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), and developing our own proprietary portfolios that seek to deliver consistent income and returns as our clients’ goals evolve. 

We’re proud of the long-term relationships we’ve built. Our clients feel heard – they know their needs will be prioritized. They also trust us. As one of a small number of “Certified Responsible Investment Experts” in Canada, Paul holds the Responsible Investment Advisor Certification (RIAC) designation making him uniquely qualified to design portfolios that align with client values surrounding SRI. Paul is also an Accredited Investment Fiduciary Professional™, an elevated standard of qualification which means he is professionally committed to acting in clients’ best interests at all times. 

Combined with Richardson Wealth’s in-house team of tax, insurance and estate planning experts, we have the tools and experience to design a portfolio and comprehensive wealth plan that matches your unique vision of the future. 

We’re Borisoff Wealth Management. Experienced. Dedicated. Focused on your future.

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Tax & Estate Planning


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