Physicians and wealth planning

Trustworthy advice that serves your best interests

The Canadian medical profession has made physician wellness a major priority in recent years. As financial professionals, we focus on one key aspect of this – doctors’ financial wellbeing.

We recognize that doctors have unique wealth planning challenges: many years of education and training are ultimately rewarding from a financial perspective but may mean lingering debt. Additionally, 10 years or more of studying, residency and advanced training can mean a later start to earning and dealing with the financial repercussions of delayed investment. While we can’t claw back this time, we can help you redress some of these issues with comprehensive long-term financial planning.

Meanwhile, fast forward to becoming a practising physician and stepping into a relatively high income bracket; this, combined with the reality of limited financial education and formal advanced business training can leave many doctors vulnerable to bad advice.

That’s why it’s critical to distinguish between proper wealth management expertise and run of the mill advice. As your dedicated Richardson Wealth Investment Advisory team, we offer physician clients a holistic and customized approach to wealth planning that addresses your specific financial and related circumstances.

Solutions for your practice

Professional incorporation

Holding companies and taxation

Individual pension plans

Personal wealth strategies

Income splitting opportunities and the income attribution rules

Spousal loan

Will planning

Estate record keeping


How affluent Canadians use life insurance

Estate bond

Insuring what matters most

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Acting in your best interests

Richardson Wealth is a leading independent wealth management company. Being fully independent from bank ownership ensures that we as Investment Advisors are not obliged or incentivized to recommend our own firm’s products.

What this means for you as a client is that you will receive investment recommendations from our team based on your best interests, not ours. We are not restricted when it comes to the types of investments we can look for and so we search widely for the products that are best suited to your requirements.

Our commitment to physician clients

The physician’s Hippocratic oath may be symbolic, but it is an important gesture, serving for many doctors as a moral compass. As a Richardson Wealth Investment Advisory team, we feel the same way about our statement of principles. In a nutshell, we are committed to our clients, each other and our communities. We are progressive in our thinking, hold ourselves to a higher standard and ask what more we can do to help our clients succeed. Read more about our principles.

As a physician, your patients are not just blood tests – they are people. That’s how we feel about our clients.

Fiduciary excellence

Richardson Wealth has formalized this commitment to the highest standard of fiduciary excellence. Opting to participate in the annual certification program by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX), we are the first Canadian wealth management company to gain this esteemed designation.

The annual CEFEX certification program ensures that Richardson Wealth’s Portfolio Management Account platform for Advisors who have complete control over investment decisions for clients (i.e. discretionary investment managers) and the firm’s separately managed account platform conform to the global fiduciary standards of excellence.


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