Understanding the name on the door

A meaningful connection to our values & true accountability

What is behind our powerful name? Richardson Wealth reflects our sole focus on multi-generational wealth planning for families like yours. It also differentiates our business as an independent – or non-bank-owned – firm that has the backing of the founding Richardson Family, now led by its fifth generation.  

The Richardson name has a rich 163-year history of success, in business and through the family’s support of philanthropic causes.

Our direct connection with a preeminent business family like the Richardson’s is meaningful and, we believe, makes a clear difference to you in terms of our level of engagement and accountability. We are personally committed to living up to the integrity and standards of excellence personified by our name.

That is what makes Richardson Wealth unique.

Not so long ago, every investment firm in Canada was branded with the last name of the founder(s) or major shareholder(s): Wood Gundy, Nesbitt Burns, Macleod Young Weir – not to mention Richardson Greenshields.

These were some of the big players for most of the 20th century. The founders were pillars of the community. Their names were a powerful draw for wealthy families and advisors alike.

As the century turned, these founders and these firms were all gone. Their brands slowly disappeared in favor of corporate names: CIBC, BMO, Scotia, and RBC. With the loss of these brands, gone also was the connection with the founders, the partners, the independent boutique culture.

Richardson Wealth extracts the best from our storied corporate past, when the name on the door meant something, and represents a forward-thinking approach to wealth planning.

We are honoured to serve as our clients’ trusted financial advisor and to work diligently to ensure your family’s long-term financial success. Please contact us with any questions.