Our Approach

Technically precise and thoughtfully delivered wealth advice.

Working with clients

The past 20 years of working with tech professionals, entrepreneurs, and their families have taught us that there is an infinite combination of needs and wants. But the centralized question is often the same: at what point will I have enough that I won’t have to work?

To us, the conversation starts there and works backward. Using the latest in planning technology, we model the specifics of our client’s lives and finances, projecting the impacts of their decisions. We’re thoughtful and precise, considering all elements of financial well-being.

We recognize that working in the tech industry is complex. Compensation can come in many different forms – whether that’s stock options or holding equity in a startup that is just getting off the ground. Windfalls create tax challenges. Measures need to be put into place to ensure wealth is efficiently transferred between generations.

We like the challenges and technical elements this brings to wealth planning. We enjoy the feeling of making our clients' lives better by distilling the complexities of their finances into simple, calculated decisions. Every aspect of your finances – from the investments you hold to the insurance you purchase, should serve your overall financial strategy. Whatever the challenge, we have the resources to find a solution. During the investment process, your goals and risk tolerance guide every decision. We always act in your best interest, offering unbiased investment advice with the aim of giving you peace of mind.

What does financial independence look like to you?

Our process

lightbulb - discovery

Initial discovery

Get to know your wants and needs and identify the gaps in your current plan.

checklist - design a plan

Design a plan

Connect the dots between your finances, investments, taxes and insurance to develop a comprehensive plan that helps you meet your goals.

direction - setup

Set up and structure accounts

Consolidate, transfer, and organize finances.

icon of gears

Implement plan

Make changes to investments, purchase insurance, and enact a strategic financial plan unique to you and your scenario.

magnifying glass - review

Review, Reassess and Adapt

Meet periodically and adjust plan in step with changing life goals, windfalls from company exits, and market conditions.