Recently, we surveyed 10 of our newer clients to get their opinion on dealing with Ken MacNeal as their Portfolio Manager in contrast to their experience with their previous investment advisors. Here are some of the questions and their unanimous responses.

  • Are you kept better informed about investment markets in general? Yes 
  • Do you understand your individual investments better and why you own them? Yes 
  • Are you better informed about the performance of your investments? Yes 
  • Have your results exceeded your expectations? Yes 
  • How do you feel about communications in general, e.g. quarterly on-line meetings, email broadcasts of portfolio holding events, general Richardson Wealth missives?. Good
  • Would you recommend Ken and Cecilia to a friend or colleague? Yes 

Below are specific comments that some clients wanted to share.

 “When I first met Ken I was impressed by his caring and unassuming demeanour.  I felt that Ken had my best interests at heart and his intentions were to improve my financial position.  Over the past few years, Ken has continued to impress me with his ability to research and communicate his thoughts on how he strategizes to invest the portfolio.  To this date I can honestly state that Ken, through his researched, realistic and sharing approach, has lived up to all my expectations.”

I.E., Retired Calgary Business Owner


Ken’s analytical and calm demeanour when responding to global events gives me complete confidence that my investments are in safe hands. His expertise and approach to investing are a gift to the world and I hope Ken MacNeal keeps doing what he does better than any other investor that I have ever worked with.” 

L.Z., Management Consultant


 “Ken takes a different approach to investing, which brings excellent results given the risk tolerance at my various stages of life. His regular communications are great. I am better informed now than ever before. We value Ken’s approach to the market and appreciate his honesty.”

T.P., Retired Oil Executive


“I trust in Ken’s due diligence to invest my portfolio wisely. He keeps me well informed and frequently updated, including excellent explanations about my individual investments and why I own them. I feel confident that Ken has my best interests at heart.”

B.K., Retired Construction Contractor


Until Ken MacNeal became my portfolio manager, I self-directed my investments with great trepidation for many years. As a “virgin portfolio managed client”, I now feel confident that my savings are being intelligently invested. I sleep much better now.”

J.S., Commercial Photographer


“My wife and I like Ken’s quarterly webinars because they not only inform us about our investments but they educate us about his strategy. We especially love the performance results. He is brilliant!”

B.J., Calgary Business Owner


“Ken is always in touch. I appreciate his calls four times a year and his frequent email blurbs. Ken keeps me better informed about my investments and the markets in general, than any previous advisor. That is as important to me as the excellent performance results that he has generated.”

J.O., Retired