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Invest like a Snowbird

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my 40-year career is:  Invest like a Snowbird. The market moves in cycles, like the weather seasons. Growth starts quickly in spring, slows to a steady climb in summer, falters in autumn, and contracts in winter. I watch the investing climate diligently and this is how my clients avoided “investment winters” – like the 2001 DotCom Crash, the 2008 Great Recession, the 2016 Oil Crash, and the 2020 COVID Crash – while taking advantage of springs and summers.  We are always watching the market to understand the current investment season. When our tools and experience tell us an investment winter is coming, we will act decisively to defend your wealth.

Forward-Looking Portfolio Management

Our clients understand the world ten years from now will be a very different place than the world ten years ago. Smartphones and the internet; globalization and robotics; work-from-home and the gig economy; green energy, biotechnology, machine learning, and more; all are revolutionizing how we work, play, live, and learn.  Forward-looking portfolio management will be rewarded during this period of incredible change. There will be new opportunities and new dangers. Traditional investment strategies may fail. Conventional wisdom will shift. Investors who simply repeat what has worked in the past might suffer.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Markets move quickly. So do we. We strive to stay flexible and adaptable in the face of changing investment seasons. By staying open-minded, we can find great investment opportunities wherever they appear, rather than committing to invest in specific companies, industries, or markets.  Behind the scenes, we use cutting-edge academic research and state-of-the-art financial analysis to make smart investment decisions for each investment season. Whether we are looking for opportunities or detecting danger, our independent research allows us to stay one step ahead of the crowd.